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Therapy For Better Self-Esteem

Therapy For Better Self-Esteem with Jody Ann Shelby, LCSW

If you feel as if you’re lacking in confidence, therapy can help you overcome self-esteem issues in a multitude of ways.

Therapy helps you stop comparing yourself to others in unhealthy ways.

Comparing yourself to others can be a great motivator, but it can also be a dangerous trap. When you use a positive role model / mentor as guidance, you can gain momentum and examples in reaching your goal.

However, when this type of comparison starts to become obsessive, it can have an impact on your self-esteem. It may be time to talk with someone about your negative feelings.

A good therapist will help you focus on your own progress rather than concern yourself with others who seem more successful or happy. Once we stop comparing ourselves to other people and focus on ourselves, we begin seeing results that naturally boost our self-esteem.

Therapy boosts your self-esteem by teaching you how to set limits.

One way of keeping your self-esteem high is by learning how to establish boundaries. Saying “yes “when you actually feel like saying “no” can be confusing and potentially harmful. It can damage your self-esteem, and cause burnout and exhaustion.

By talking with a therapist on a regular basis, you can develop & establish healthier boundaries with other people. This can also keep your self-esteem at a higher level and reduce anxiety and depression.

Therapy teaches you to embrace the power of gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It’s a helpful coping strategy for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Research suggests that gratitude can be especially helpful for people dealing with chronic pain and illness. Focusing on things you are grateful for, can help you become more optimistic and feel less lonely. It also helps to build more positive relationships in your life.

Therapy can help you learn that it’s okay to respect yourself and believe in your value as a human being. You can be kinder toward yourself, feel good about who you are, and experience less shame about past mistakes. Once you begin to accept yourself, you will feel confident, and your relationships with others will be strengthened.

A therapist can assist you in finding the self-confidence you may be lacking. If you’re looking for more information on therapy in Rockville Centre, contact Jody Shelby LCSW today.

how do you find joy - Jody Shelby

What Brings You Joy?

What Brings You Joy? With Jody Shelby, LCSW, CIT, CPC, owner of Rockville Centre Therapy, specializing in individual & couples therapy in New York.

Experiencing inspiration and creativity is part of the process of reducing anxiety and depression.

Often times, people become out of touch with what’s genuinely exciting and interesting to them.

We get lost in the demands of modern day life. Pressures of work and family. We forget about what really makes us tick and energizes us. Clients sometimes need help with identifying what brings them true joy. In getting in touch with experiences of joy, clients are able to incorporate them into daily life. Even if just a few moments a day. This helps clients feel more grounded. It also fuels their energy so that they feel more fulfilled and resilient.

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