Some people need a safe, professional environment to discuss their relationship or  family member without their partner present. Other may have difficulty finding a partner at all or have an unfulfilling relationship history. My extensive training and experience with couples and singles helps me to quickly identify relationship dynamics and initiate change by modifying the family system pattern. When the behavior of one family member changes, the relationship dynamic shifts and growth occurs. In addition, most couples experience stress related to workplace demands, household responsibilities, finances, children, adult children, ex-spouses, stepchildren, in-laws and extended family. The coping style of each partner is explored to gain better insight and facilitate change.

I help singles and divorced/separated individuals identify patterns in their relationship history, personality tendencies, and family background in order to make sense of how difficult, destructive or short-lived partnerships evolved.

By developing greater insight, building personal strengths, enhancing relationship skills, and exercising healthier choices, people attract and maintain happier and more successful relationships.