I work extensively with couples experiencing conflict related to infidelity, parenting, finances, trust, intimacy, commitment, as well as other issues.

Through intensive couples training and certification through an organization called Imago Relationship International,  I provide specific techniques that help couples get results. This method is unique because partners speak directly to one another and the therapist supports the growth of the couple rather than the needs of one partner over another.

Couples are helped to reduce fighting and discuss sensitive issues in a structured, safe, neutral, and non-judgemental setting. Partners learn to share their concerns and frustrations constructively and are coached to actively listen to each other without reacting.

They begin to understand and value each other’s perspective. In addition, they sometimes gain insight into how their partner’s current issues relate to their earlier experiences in life.

Through this process, a greater connection, respect, sense of cooperation, and willingness to problem solve emerges. I believe that all couples can succeed if they are motivated and provided with the right tools, insight, and guidance.